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Wiping the Floor with Other Melbourne Commercial Cleaning Companies

Are you looking for bit of cleaning help in Melbourne? With so many cleaners to choose from you’ll want to ensure you hire a professional team that can deliver results. No matter what you require, whether it’s a one off spring clean or regular commercial cleaning services, the team here at Kiyara can cater to your needs.

Kiyara Cleaning is a 100% Australian owned company that has a team of trained cleaners who can complete jobs of all types and sizes. Here at Kiyara, we make sure your business is treated with the same thoroughness and attention to detail as the biggest Melbourne CBD office cleaning job.

We cater to clients from a range of industries including restaurants, child care facilities, leisure centres, gyms and more. We offer our professional cleaning services throughout Melbourne’s suburbs.

Cleaning offices, homes and restaurants for years

We understand that our customers are searching for affordability and convenience. When you choose Kiyara for your property, you are guaranteed a service that is competitively priced and done with little disruption to our clients. We show up on time, fully equipped, and ready to provide a thorough clean that will ensure customer satisfaction.

We provide all equipment and chemicals, which is included in the quotations. Our staff are well trained and qualified with many years of experience in the industry. We use eco-friendly chemicals and provide quality services for reasonable prices.

Our motto ‘cleans like no other’, demonstrates that our main focus is based on 100% customer satisfaction as we deliver what we promise. And all of our customers are equal; the satisfaction of an office commercial cleaning job is the same as other companies getting a couple the bond back on their rental property.

If you are looking for quality, consistency and reliability with an exceptional service without the hassles then look no further than Kiyara. To see what makes us different to other Melbourne office cleaning and domestic maintenance companies in Melbourne, simply give us a call and discuss your needs with our team. Call 1300 549 272 today to request a free quote.

Melbourne Commercial Cleaning

We provide comprehensive cleaning, without compromising on quality.

Kiyara cleaningIf you are looking for professional cleaning services in Melbourne, then look no further than here at Kiyara Cleaning. We are a 100% Australian owned company that prides itself on our level of service and dedication to our work. We provide cleaning services for residential and businesses throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas with exceptional customer service too. We pride ourselves on our quality, consistency and reliability for all the jobs that we undertake. Whether you require a one off job or a spring clean or regular cleaning services all year round, we are the number one company for these services in Melbourne!
If you require medical center cleaning Melbourne, then look no further than us. We can provide excellent cleaning services for exceptional value for money and you can be rest assured that the job will be completed to the highest possible standards. Hospitals and medical centers require cleaning services that conform to strict hygiene standards and that is where we can help your company or organisation.
When you need event cleaning after a party or a function we have the knowledge and the specialists to get the job done quickly as possible and to the standards that you require. We provide cleaning services for events that include deep cleans, toilet and washroom cleaning, sinks and urinals. We empty the rubbish and sanitising bins, plus the recycling bins too. The floors are mopped, swept, polished and buffed too, we clean the carpets using various methods like vacuum, dry, extraction, steam and bonnet. Any kitchen areas will be cleaned too and rubbish will be removed from the site.
We provide office cleaning Melbourne, plus office cleaning Danenong and office cleaning Carrumdowns. At Kiyara Cleaning we specialise in office and business cleaning services that have excellent testimonials from our clients. Some of the services that we provide include, vacuuming the floors to remove dirt, dust and debris, we also disinfect mopping on hard floor and tiled areas. We empty all waste bins, add new bin liners and wash when required, all glass areas are wiped clean and we damp wipe hard surfaces with a mild disinfectant. All brass and bright fittings are polished and cleaned to our highest standards, painted and unpainted walls are cleaned if needed and we wipe and clean all door handles, baseboards and light switches too. Our office cleaning services include sanitizing and cleaning the toilets, fixtures and doors, plus refilling the soap dispensers, mopping and cleaning the toilet floors. We use disinfectant spray on the sinks, toilets, doors and appliances, all mirrors and reflective surfaces are wiped down. So if you need office cleaning Melbourne cbd, just give us a call or make an enquiry on this website for all of your office cleaning needs.
Kiyara Cleaning provide commercial cleaning Melbourne for businesses of all sizes and needs, we can offer tailored packages that suit your budget. We cover a range of commercial cleaning services that include factory cleaning, theatre cleaning, hotel cleaning, shopping centre cleaning, corporate cleaning, restaurant cleaning and much more. If you are tired of your business looking dirty and unkempt, then we can provide a service that is second to none, you will not be disappointed in our quality of work. There are many cleaning companies in Melbourne and we believe that we are the best, so why don’t you give us a try today and we will make your office or commercial space look sparkling and new! We can provide you with a tailor made quote which will suit your budget and your individual needs too.
If you require restaurant cleaning services Brunswick and restaurant cleaning services Melbourne, then we are the number choice one in the city. We know that keeping a restaurant clean is a full time job and that is where we can help you. Restaurant kitchens and the restaurant can attract a lot of grease and food waste on the floor, you will need a regular cleaning schedule to maintain a hygienic kitchen and restaurant area. These are some of the areas that we specialise in, we brush between the grills to remove meats, fish and poultry, we wipe down the prep areas and empty the rubbish bins. The general cleaning duties that we perform include, clean the fryers, brush the grill, empty the sanitizing buckets, put all the rags in the dirty laundry, aprons, chef’s coats in a separate laundry apart from the rags. We wash the floor mats, sweep and mob the kitchen floor and the restaurant area, sweep the walk in refrigerator and clean the freezers.
We know that you are looking for convenience and affordability when choosing a cleaning service for your business. At Kiyara Cleaning we arrive on time, we are fully prepared with the correct equipment and we provide a thorough service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. All of the cleaning chemicals and equipment is included in your quote, our staff are highly trained and qualified with year of hands on experience within the cleaning industry. We are an eco-friendly company that use natural and eco-friendly chemicals as we believe in not harming the environment with pollutants.
The Kiyara Cleaning motto is “cleans like no other” and we mean what we say, we guarantee customer satisfaction and this is our main focus, that you, the customer is happy with our service. We treat every job the same, whether it’s large or small or cleaning a large commercial space to cleaning a residential house for a bond return for a rental property.
Why waste time in searching and contacting other cleaning companies in Melbourne, we you tailor a service that will be just for you and you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly and efficiently. You can book online, send us an email or call us on 1300 549 272 to request a free quote today. The sooner we can arrange a time to discuss your cleaning requirements, to sooner we can make your commercial or residential space clean, fresh and new again!


  • Kiyara cleaning is a very professional company who have continually provided exceptional customer service and are a pleasure to deal with. We would absolutely recommend Kiyara cleaning to other customers as we are more than satisfied with the service received. Kiyara cleaning continue to go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy with the quality and service provided. The after service follow ups are fantastic. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Kiyara cleaning for many years to come. Crocs Play Centre

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