Employers should always prioritize on providing a clean work environment for their employees. The company would suffer from adverse effects in long run as well on the short run if the working environment does not get a regular clean up. The office environment reflects the quality of the overall service it provides to their customer’s likewise it is very crucial that a clean office is maintained as it would have a positive effect on the employees. The Crucial Stages Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states five basic needs that would motivate humans likewise a clean and safe work environment is categorized according to Maslow as the second need in the hierarchy. A motivated employee desires to be more productive at work thereby increasing the overall productivity of the company.
Employers should consider the following main common workplace areas that should have a regular cleanup.

• Toilets
• Meeting Rooms
• Corridors
• Reception Area

A clean workplace would cost the Company in the short-run but in long run it will be rewarded financially and also provides a positive vibrancy of the company to the customers.

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