Carpet steam cleaning & upholstery cleaning


Your carpet/ upholstery might be stained with spills, dirt or just looking old. You may be in need of a new lift back in to your home. After all your house is a very high traffic area with kids & pets running around and guests coming in and out.

You can trust Kiyara Property Service to use quality products on your carpets/ upholstery. We use industrial machines to steam clean your carpets/ upholstery with the method of hot water extraction, to bring your carpets/ upholstery ‘looking as good as new’. Our experienced staff can handle any type of carpet/ upholstery and no job is too big or small.

We also offer,

  • Pre-vacuum cleaning – we use heavy duty industrial vacuum to remove dust particles & soil that is deep in the carpets.
  • Spot removal – we use environmental friendly cleaning agents to remove stains and spots.
  • Sanitization– kills bacteria which is retained in your carpet and therefore disinfecting your carpets and helping them to look as good as new.

We also steam clean car seats. We can give lift back to your upholstery with the use of the right  products and equipment.


Window cleaning


Are you tired of your office or Factory windows looking dirty and mouldy? Can’t seem to find the time to clean them? Are you struggling to find the right chemicals for the job? your current window cleaner won’t do a good job and asking for more money? Then look no further. Kiyara cleaning  can provide you with a tailor made quote to suit your needs and budget.

Imagine looking through your 10th floor office window, kitchen window or just the shop frontage and be able to enjoy the view, and attract customers at the same time.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and have all the necessary equipment to carry out the work. We are fully insured which gives you a peace of mind, where you can sit back and relax while the job gets done.

No job is big or small for Kiyara cleaning .


Tile & grout cleaning


Tile and Grout can be very hard to clean, especially when the grime, mould and dirt has been there for years. Dirty tile and grouts are off putting, and trying to find the right chemicals can be a hassle and not get the job done.

That’s where Kiyara cleaning  can make a difference to your tile and grout. We can make the ‘old look brand new’. Let us give life back to your factory ,medical center, play center or office tiles and grout.

We are specialize in this area, have trained staff and have the right equipment to get the job done. We use quality products to ensure your tile and grouts are protected.

Call Kiyara cleaning  and let us help your home and office floors sparkle.


Corporate, office & factory cleaning


A cleanly office area says a lot about the way the business is conducted as this is where potential customers meet you. If your office area looks dull and unkempt this also reflects on your image.

‘First impression is the best impression’, and at Kiyara cleaning  we can provide exceptional quality services tailoring to your budget weekly, fortnightly or monthly meeting your needs. We pay close attention to detail and use the right chemicals and equipment to help get the job done.

Our staffs are reliable, flexible and are professionals at what they do and have many years of experience in the industry. Give your office the image it needs with the right cleaners.

Factory cleaning is an important area as this is where your employees work. Having a clean environment to work in makes it enjoyable place to work. We recognize importance of having clean facilities and tidy areas. We have state of the art equipment to service your cleaning needs.

Our motto is “Cleans like no other” and we provide 100% customer satisfaction.


Vinyl floor strip, seal and polishing


Do your vinyl floors appear dull and in need of a lift? Don’t have the equipment’s or the right chemicals to get the job done? Let Kiyara cleaning  give new meaning to your floors.

We will strip and re-seal the floors and bring back the zest you had on your vinyl floors before. Our staffs are experienced in this area and we have state of the art equipment to get the job done right, in one go and provide the quality you are looking for. No more hassles of mopping trying to make it look shiny and just wasting time and money.


Medical centre, nursing homes, Aged care center cleaning


A hygiene is important due to the amount of patients who resides/ come in and out of the facility. This is also a place where transmission of infections can take place.

Having a regularly cleaned medical centre can prevent this from occurring. Whether it is a small or large facility having a cleanly environment is of utmost importance. Poor maintenance of the premises can lead to hazardous health issues.

We understand people who come to the medical centers, nursing homes and the ages care centers are vulnerable due to their illness and many of them may have multiple allergies. Hence the use of eco- friendly chemicals which are non-toxic can maintain the balance of hygiene as well as reducing the amount of infections.

At Kiyara cleaning  we can tailor a cleaning program to suit your needs without breaking your budget. We use environmentally friendly chemicals on surfaces to clean and disinfect. We pay attention to detail and ensure customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of cleaning services under one roof which can save you time and money.

We recognize that your schedules are busy and tight and we can get the job done fast and efficiently without any hassles. Our friendly staffs are trained and reliable who can provide exceptional service that you are looking for. So leave cleaning to the experts as our motto states, “we clean like no other” in the industry.


Child care & Day care centre cleaning


Maintaining a child care centre / day care centre on a daily basis can be hard work, especially when children are involved. As cleaners in the industry we understand the importance of trying to ensure that the child care centre is hygienic and safe from possible injuries that can occur as spills and accidents are a normal part of a child’s life with their playful activities.

We use eco-friendly chemicals  which are non-toxic when cleaning all utilities and surfaces which prevent the spread of infections which can occur between children and staff working at the premises. More importantly we understand that children have many allergies and therefore, we believe that our eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning methods are the best practice. We can cater according to your needs with a tailor made cleaning solution.

and value for money. We use state of the art equipment to get the job done to your expectations.

Our staffs are well trained, reliable and have background checks done for safety and security purposes for a peace of mind. Call us today and experience the difference of quality cleaning.


Shopping centre & supermarket cleaning


Shopping centers/ supermarkets are the busiest places and if not maintained well can turn in to a disaster. Especially in food courts & in the toilet areas due to being high traffic areas and hygiene is of the utmost importance. At Kiyara cleaning  we pride ourselves in cleaning and we believe cleanliness if next to godliness. That is why we provide regular inspections on our sites to meet the needs of the centre management and the retailers of that premises.

We can tailor a cleaning solution for you to fit your criteria “without compromising in quality”.


Restaurants, pubs & club cleaning


We believe that attention to detail is a must in these areas, as these are where functions are held/ business meetings take place. This is why we believe that having an eye for detail in cleaning is necessary. We provide daily and  weekly inspections to ensure that our clients cleaning needs are being met.


Apartments & hotel housekeeping


These are where your guests stays when they come for holiday/ business purposes. Providing reliable and timely service is essential. Regardless of how small your apartment / hotel is we have a team of housekeeping experts to handle your daily cleaning requirements. call us today and be amazed with the results.


Gymnasiums & fitness centre cleaning


Hygiene is an importance in these areas as you are serving the public, the facilities are used day in /out and keeping up appearance can be hard for you. This is where Kiyara cleaning  can tailor a quote to  suite your budget, requirements and address your cleaning needs.


Indoor play centre cleaning


Mess is a daily part of children’s lives and they can fall ill at anytime. This is why hygiene is very important. As the play centers used more frequently variety of germs can harbor without adequate cleaning. We use environmentally friendly chemicals which prevents the spread of infections.

At Kiyara cleaning  we provide comprehensive cleaning to tailor a cleaning solution for your daily cleaning needs.


Labor hire

We have a team of workers who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week for all your cleaning requirements. Our workers have many years of experience in the industry. Our employees are efficient, flexible and reliable. We conduct background checks on all of our employees, therefore you can have a piece of mind. We provide industrial and commercial labor hire.  Call us today to utilize our service.


Once off commercial  & industrial cleaning

At Kiyara cleaning  we can take all the worry out of cleaning your premises. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and value for your money. We can tailor package to suit your needs. Our friendly staffs know exactly what the you are looking for and can provide cleaning to those standards.

Don’t waste time, without the right chemicals or equipment. While you get busy with the your daily tasks let us deal with cleaning the premises. We are reliable and flexible. Call us for a package deal and you’ll be surprised of the time and money you save with Kiyara cleaning.


Wash room cleaning


At Kiyara cleaning  we can offer you once off /regular cleaning. We understand that hygiene an important aspect and use of this area is constant. We use environmentally friendly chemicals.


Builders cleaning


At Kiyara cleaning  we recognize a builders clean is required once and therefore we can tailor a package to suit your needs. No job is too big or small. We guarantee satisfaction of the work completed. Call us for a no obligation free quote today.


Industrial sweeping


We have state of the art equipment to help keep your factory floors clean. Our prices are competitive. We can offer once a week, fortnightly or a monthly clean. We can tailor a package to suit your needs. So call us today for a free quote.


Event cleaning


After a major event not sure where to start the cleaning, or don’t have the equipments for the job? Call Kiyara cleaning  and we will get the job done for you. We have the equipment and the staff to address all your cleaning needs. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our staff are flexible and reliable. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. As our motto states, “We clean like no other”.


Parking lot maintenance


We thoroughly clean the parking lot with industrial sweepers and ensure that all rubbish has been picked up. No job is too big or small. Call Kiyara cleaning  and ensure that you have the right people and the quality that you deserve for your parking lot.


Pressure washing


We use industrial pressure washing equipment to get the job done right in one go. We use environmentally friendly chemicals. We pressure wash parking lots, hard floor surfaces, car washing sites, verandah, drive ways, garage floors and many more. Call Kiyara cleaning for a free quote today.