Managing Menstrual Hygiene

Sanitary Disposal Service

Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Service

As a business owner or landlord of commercial premises you are required by law to provide a means of waste disposal in all female washroom facilities and ensure that this type of waste is removed from site by a licensed carrier.

Choosing a washroom service provider for the management of your waste should be based on a few key issues such as; service frequency, style of units, installation times and who serves your site.

Providing for people’s basic human needs is not just about meeting your legal duty of care. It is about reassuring your staff and visitors that their needs come first.

Poorly managed sanitary bins make a bad first impression, and do little to encourage confidence or loyalty towards your organisation.

Improving your standards will improve your organization’s reputation with clients, potential clients, visitors, and staff alike – all while reducing staff absence and the risk of coronavirus spreading.