Expert Services

Shopping Centre Managers understand that the quality and perception of a shopping center is dependent on its cleanliness and standards. When the public stop enjoying their customer experience, footfall drops and shops fail.

We’ve 13 years experience in working the Australia’s most recognizable shopping center brands, contracted for an array of cleaning activities and schedules. Facilities Managers can call on us to carry out weekly, monthly, quarterly or periodic cleaning of escalators no matter where they are in the Melbourne, and that’s just one of the services we offer.

We work for building contractors and shopfitters refurbishing concourse areas in shopping centers and individual units alike. We understand how important it is to minimize disruption in a busy shopping center, and to ensure the public experience is a positive one. This may be daily cleaning to areas affected by dust generated by building works, phased builders and sparkle cleans before handover, or external cleaning to cladding, signage and windows.

High level cleaning to atriums, glass facades to elevators, balustrades and other hard-to-access areas can be prohibitively challenging for most cleaning contractors. For The Cleaning Services Group, it’s our speciality.

Tripping and slip hazards can occur anytime within a shopping mall. You also may be liable for the outcome of an accident if customers can prove you were negligent in maintaining your retail space. Shopping center cleaning and janitorial services leave a long-lasting impression with your customers and help you make sure high-traffic areas look their best.